Scouts and Guides
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नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry of Education ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, धार

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Dhar

The Bharat Scouts & Guides



Scout and guides movement was started by Lord Baden powells and Lady Baden Powell at London in 1899. This movement helps in instilling self confidence which is vital in developing the personality at tender age with a Motto ‘BE PREPARED’ Bharat Scouts and Guides of India comprise 45 states in which NVS is one of the states.


  1. Our JNV has a functional unit of 32 scouts and 32 guides. All scouts and guides were provide with proper uniform each unit is having trained scout Master and guide captain.
  2. Sh. Ajbeer Sing Rathod, PGT (M) is trained scout Master and Ms. Banarasi Saran is a Guide Captain. Ms. Jayshree Jadhav Art Tr. who has undergone Basic course Training is second guide captain. The activities are being organized weekly basis under the supervision of trained scout master and guide captains on every Saturday. BS & GS sing prayer ‘ Daya Kar Daan Bhakti Ka” under scout flag.


            Celebration of important days like world forest Day, international Day for elderly person, world Habitat Day, BS & G’s foundation day and flag day, international day for Disabled Persons, Human Right Day. Youth day, Thinking day, world population day, Swatcha Bharat Abiyan, Cleaning competition, sadbhawna Diwas, All faith prayer, Global Hand Wash day, voter day, World Water Day.


The Bharat Scouts & Guides (BS&G) is the National Scouting & Guiding association of India. The Association is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act and is a non-official organisation and is non-political, non sectarian and non-communal in character. Scouting was founded in India in 1909, whereas Guiding in India started in 1911. Scouting and Guiding is an approved type of character training & preparation for good citizenship designed for the benefit of boys and girls, which insists a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness affords to be individual opportunities for developing initiative and leadership and promotes self-control, self-reliance and self direction.



Sr. No.

Name of Events





1. A boy or a Girl can be invested as a Scout or as a Guide on completion of Pravesh Test.

10 years

2. A Pravesh Scout/Guide will work at least six months to quality for Pratham Sopan

After Six month to pravesh



The recruit has completed his/her Pravest Test. He/She has been prepared by his/her patrol leader

After Three month to Pravesh


Pratham Sopan

A Pratham Sopan scout or a Guide will work for at least nine months to quality for Dwitiya sopan

After Nine months to Pratham Sopan


Dwitiya sopan

A Dwitiya Sopan Scout an Guide will work for at least nine months to quality for Tritiya Sopan

After Nine Months to Dwitiya Sopan


Tritiya Sopan

A Tritiya Sopan Scout or a Guide will work for at least six months to quality for Rajya Puraskar.

After Six months to Tritiya Sopan


Rajya Purskar

A Rajya Puraskar Scout or a guide will work for at least nine months to quality for Rastrapati Scout Award or Guide Award. Note- Unless a scout or a Guide completes the age of thirteen years, he/she will not be eligible for receiving the Rajya Puraskar

After Nine months to Rajya Purskar Age-After Thirteen years.


Rashtrapati Award

Note- Unless a scout or a Guide completes the age of fourteen years he/she will not eligible for receiving the Rastrapati Award

Age after Fourteen year






Aim of Scouting & Guiding

The Aim of Scouting and Guiding is four-fold. The first is the formation of character; the second is the formation of sound health habits. The third is the training in the handicraft and the acquiring of useful skills; and the fourth is the cultivation of a proper spirit of service efficiently. The pursuit of this aim leads to the development of good citizenship, among boys and girls.

Mission and Vision of BS&G

The Mission of Scouting and Guiding is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. The vision of Bharat Scouts & Guides is to be a globally visible, consistently growing, self-reliant premium youth movement that is gender balanced, vibrant and responsive to trends, Providing young people with value-based, attractive and challenging youth programme, through competent leaders, effective communication, optimum use of technology and efficient management.

Scouts and Guides Motto

Be Prepared.

Scouts and Guides Promise

“On my honour I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God* and India

To help other people and

To obey the Scout or Guide Law.”

Note:- * The Word ‘Dharma’ may be substituted for the word ‘God’ if so desired.

Scouts and Guides Law

  1. A Scout/Guide is trustworthy
  2. A Scout/Guide is loyal
  3. A Scout/Guide is a friend to all and a brother/sister to every other Scout/Guide.
  4. A Scout/Guide is courteous
  5. A Scout/Guide is a friend to animals and loves nature.
  6. A Scout/Guide is disciplined and helps to protect public property.
  7. A Scout/Guide is courageous.
  8. A Scout/Guide is thrifty.
  9. A Scout/Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.

The Bharat Scouts and Guide Flag

The Bharat Scouts and Guides Flag is a dark blue color flag, having the yellow colour emblem in the center with Ashoka Chakra in blue color. The Fleur-de-lis the International emblem of Scouting and Ashoka Chakra is meant to emphasize the all-India character of the Movement. The super imposed trefoil represents the guide wing of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.