Vidyalaya Level Committees
Thur Dec 7 2017 , 13:28:16

नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under MHRD ) Government Of India

जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय, कोल्लम

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kollam

Vidayalaya Level Committees

Sl.No. Committee Members Role 
1 Academics Smt Jeny Jose, Vice Principal In-Charge Academics
Sh Revi Kumar In-Charge Time Table
Sh Sasi Kumar Second In-Charge Time Table
Smt Jeny Jose In-Charge MOD
Sh Ravi Kumar Second In-Charge MOD
2 CCA Smt. Lysamma Francis In-Charge CCA
Smt. Rajasree V In-Charge Conduct of Weekly House/Class Cleaning Assessment
Sh Sivaprasad  In-Charge Photo & Press Coverage
Smt Lysamma Francis In-Charge Stage Activities
Sh Shiju Kumar B  In-Charge Stage Support
3 Mess Smt Jeny Jose Vice Principal In-Charge Mess
 Sh Ravi Kumar Senior Most Teacher  Second In-Charge Mess
 Smt Asha K Sivadas
(Staff Nurse)
 Sh Prathapan Nair Member Secretary
 Kumari Afnitha
Mess Captain (Girls)
 Master Dhanush
Mess Captain (Boys)
4 Vidyalaya Decoration Cleanliness, Up Keep Sh K N Shaji In-Charge
Sh Krishna Kumar   Member
Sh K Devadas  Member
5 Examination (Internal & CBSE) Sh Jeny JoseVice Principal In-Charge Scholastic
Smt Jyoti V G  Member
Sh Krishna Kumar    Member
Sh Jyoti V G In-Charge Co-Scholastic
Sh Sajay Kumar P S CBSE 
                         Senior Most Teacher to monitor
6 Maintenance & Repair Smt Jitha K Nair
Smt Jeny Jose
(Vice Principal)
Sh Krishna Kumar
House Master(Boys)
Sh Ravi Kumar
House Master(Girls)
Sh Anil Prasad Sen J Member
Master Dhanush
(Vidyalaya Captain- Boys)
Kumari Afnitha
(Vidyalaya Captain- Girls)
7 JNVST Sh Sasi Kumar D                                             In-Charge
Sh Rajeevan C M Member
Sh Baburajan T(OS) Member
Smt Kala R Nair Member
8 Vidyalaya Discipline Sh Ravi Kumar
(Senior Most Teacher)
All House Masters/House Mistress Member
Sh Sivaprasad
(PET Male)
Smt Celine Kuriakose
(PET Female)
9 Safety & Security Sh Rakesh Soni In-Charge
All House Masters / Mistress Member
Sh Dharminder
(PET Male)
Smt Santosh
(PET Female)
10 Guidance and Counseling Cell Sh Rajesh Morey In-Charge
Sh Yogesh Kumar Member
Smt Neelkamal Member
Sh N K Negi Member
11 Museum Corner Sh Anil Prasad Sen J                                  In-Charge
12 Art & Craft Club Sh Devadas K                                          In-Charge
13 Scout & Guide Activities Smt Celine Kuriakose                        In-Charge
Sh Rajeevan C M Member
14 Conduct of Morning Assembly Sm Celine Kuriakose    In-Charge
(Assembly of Students)
Sh Lysamma Francis In-Charge
(Assembly of Students)
Smt Rajasree V English Presentation
(News, Thought, Poem, Quiz)
Sh Krishna Kumar Hindi Presentation
(News, Thought, Poem, Quiz)
Smt Lizamma Mathew Malayalam Presentation
(News, Thought, Poem, Quiz)
Sh sivaprasad In-Charge - Discipline (Boys)
Smt Celine Kuriakose    In-Charge - Discipline (Girls)
Sh Ravikumar (Senior Teacher) In-Charge
(Conduct of Morning Assembly)
House Master / House Mistress House on Duty Member
15 Pace-Setting Activities Sh Anil Prasad Sen J In-Charge
Sh Y Ashok Kumar Science Club, NCC
Sh Rajeevan C M Science Club, S&G
Sh Krishna Kumar Science Club, NSS
Sh Jyoti V G Maths Club
Sh Shiju Kumar B Library Club Library Club
Smt Asha K Sivadas Health Club
Smt Celine Kuriakose SUPW Club, S&G
16 Medical & First Aid Smt Asha K Sivadas
(Staff Nurse)
Sh Shaji K N Member
Smt Anie John Member
Smt Jincy John Member
17 Sports Club Sh Sivaprasad In-Charge (Boys)
Smt Celine Kuriakose In-Charge (Girls)
Sh Krishna Kumar Photo & Press Coverage

Sh Rajeevan C M

Photo & Press Coverage
Sh Sajay Kumar P S Member
18 Environmental Club Smt Shaji K N In-Charge
Smt Anie John Member
19 Green School Programme Sh Shinto P Alex In-Charge
20 AEP Programme Sh Krishna Kumar Resource Person
Smt Jyoti V G In-Charge
Sh Y Ashok Kumar Member
Smt Asha K sivadas Member
21 Wall Magzine & Display of Boards Smt Lizamma Mathew In-Charge
Sh Sajay Kumar P S Member
22 Vidyalaya Garden Smt Latha Kumari B In-Charge
Sh Sajay Kumar P S Member
23 Resource Room Sh Ravi Kumar In-Charge
Sh sajay Kumar P S Member
24 Raj Bhasha Smt Aswathy G In-Charge
Sh K M Krishna Kumar Member
Sh Sajay Kumar P S Member
25 Parent Teacher Association Sh Ravi Kumar  In-Charge
Sh Y Ashok Kumar Member

Sh Anil Prasad sen J

Sh Sivaprasad  Member
26 Social Science Club & Youth Parliament Sh Anil Prasad Sen In-Charge
Sh Y Ashok Kumar Member
27 Science Club Sh Revi Kumar R Resource Person (NCSC)
Sh K N Shaji In-Charge
Smt Annie John Member
Sh Shinto P Alex Member
28 Maths Club Sh Sasikumar D In-Charge
Smt Joan A Luke Member
29 Computer Club Sh Sajay Kumar P S In-Charge
Smt Sindhu K Nair Member
30 Music Club Sm Lysamma Francis In-Charge
Sh K Devadas Member
31 Literary Club Smt Latha Kumari B In-Charge
Smt Sulabhakumari Member
Smt Lizamma Mathew Member
Sh Rajeevan C M Member
Sh K Krishnakumar Member
Sh Sajayakumar P S Member
32 Alumni Club Smt Jyothy V G In-Charge
Smt Latha Kumari B Member
Sh Siva Prasad Member
33 Migration Sh Sajaya Kumar P S In-Charge
34 Monitoring of Suggestion Box Sh K Krishnakumar In-Charge
Smt Lizamma Mathew Member
35 Anti Ragging Sh R Ravi Kumar  Member
Sh Sasi Kumar D Member
Sh Sivaprsad Member
Sh Shinto P Alex Member
Smt  Jyoti V G Member
Smt Latha Kumari B Member
Smt Lysamma Francis Member
36 Gender Harassment Committee (Report to be submitted to Cluster Incharge within Three Days) Smt Jitha K Nair
Sh R Ravi Kumar 
(Senior Most Teacher)
Member Secretary
Smt Jyoti V G
(Senior Most Teacher Female)
Sh Sasi Kumar D(Senior Most Teacher Male) Member