Club Activities
Thur Dec 7 2017 , 13:28:16

नवोदय विद्यालय समिति

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

( An Autonomous Body Under Ministry Of Education) Govt. Of India

पीएम श्री स्कूल
जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय
महियांवाली, श्री गंगानगर प्रथम

PM Shri School Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Mahiyanwali, Shri Ganganagar-I

Club Activities



        The following Clubs are effectively functioning in the Vidyalaya to give a wider scope to the students and tap their hidden talents. Each club has chalked out various programmes for the year 2023-24.




SuggestedMember Teachers

Activities to be Conducted


English Club

Mrs. Anita 

Quiz, Creative writing, Elocution, Book review, Language clubs,

Writing report, Debates & Discussion, Story writing,

Essay Writing, Reading, Seminar, Poem Recitation, School Magazine Extempore,Speech Competition, Anchoring.


Hindi Club

Mr. G.L.Kumawat


Telugu Club

Mr. Gunda Manjunath


Eco Club

Mr. R.K.Dhalia

One child one plant campaign, caring of plants, generating

awareness on environment protection, water conservation, water

efficient school, saving one liter of water every day at school and at home, Activities of Kitchen Garden/ Herbal Garden


Fine Art Club

Mr. R.K.Dhalia

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Exhibition, Rangoli, Pot making,

collage Making, Calligraphy, Logo design, Pot decoration, e-Poster, use of ICT and apps.


Performing Arts Club

Mr. R.K.Dhalia

Music, Dancing, Fancy Dress, Folk Dance, Folk Songs, Theatre,

Dramatics, Variety Programme, Sugam Sangeet, Kala Utsav,



Science Club

Mr. A.S. Choudhary

Preparation of working models, improvisation, devising simple

experiment, collection of plant specimen, samples, , Science

Excursion and fairs, Seminars, Scrap book, Herbarium file, Quiz,

Preparation of chart, Project report.


IT Club

Mr. Gagan Khanna

Preparation of good presentations using ICT, Seminars on Cyber

Safety& Security


Maths Club

Mr. Surinder Singh

Preparation of models, Mathematical modeling, Training on Vedic Math’s, Math’s Exhibition, Recreational Math’s, Organizing activities on Mathematics Day, Preparations for Math’s’ Olympiads


Health Club

Mrs. Monika Bharti

First-Aid, Red Cross, Aids Day Celebration, World Health Day

Celebration, Cleanliness.etc


Sports & Yoga Club

Mrs. Kavita

Mr. Yadvender

Organizing yoga and sports activities in the Vidyalaya, organizing exhibition, Participating in district/ State level competitions etc


Adventure Club

Mr. G.S.Charan

Games- Indoor & Outdoor, Athletics, Mass drill, Parade, Scouting, NCC, Mask and puppets, Puzzles, Visit to government departments, Treasure hunting, etc.


Readers Club

Mr. Jasmer Singh

Organizing book exhibition, Book reviews, developing reading habits in other students, organizing quizzes, etc


Tourism Club

Mr. G.S.Charan

Essay writing, Logo designing, Quiz painting, Poster designing,

programme related with travel & tourism. Organising tours for

Migrated Children.Online 3D Tourism